1. Can I use my existing Email address?

Because of its patient privacy network design and unique CareText user-friendly messaging system, a dedicated email address for your individual health ID is necessary. This dedicated email will keep important messaging related to your health and well being, as well as messages from loved ones, from being mistaken as spam that may flood your regular email box.

2. With my CareConnect, how do my family or friends communicate with me?

With your CareConnect you can choose whom you want included in your contact list and who is able email and connect with you. It also includes mobile connectivity allowing family members, care givers and friends to download the CareConnect App from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. This App allows loved ones and family members to remotely email, chat, and if required, to work with you to adjust settings for medications and appointments.

3. Is Skype included in the service?

Yes. Instant Video Chat and conferencing is a popular feature with CareConnect, which has a built in high-resolution 2 megapixel video camera, microphone and stereo speakers. It also has a headphone jack for hearing amplification.

4. How easy is it to save pictures sent by email?

The CareConnect has a unique ”one touch” process for adding pictures from emails to the streaming picture frame. All you do is select the picture and touch the “Save Picture” icon and the photograph will be added to the rotation on the CareConnect.

5. Can I take pictures on the CareConnect?

Yes. The CareConnect has a 2 megapixel camera that can be used to take pictures and simply attach them to emails you send.

6. How many pictures can I store on my CareConnect?

The CareConnect compresses pictures down to 1600 by 980 pixels, while maintaining the ability to zoom to twice the picture size. At that size, the memory stick that comes with the CareConnect can store up to 3,000 pictures.

7. How does CareConnect help with my general wellbeing and security?

The optional Bluetooth motion detector, provides both wellness activity as well as security monitoring. As a wellness monitor it provides an easy and nonintrusive way to let your family know you are okay and active. As a security monitor, it can email a security photograph according to your set up instructions.

8. How does CareConnect help me remember to take my medicines more effectively?

Medication reminders are an important part of CareConnect. You can set up the reminders yourself or they can be set remotely by family members, your physician or pharmacist using the CareConnect App. A patent pending Medication Adherence monitoring program comes as part of the system to help you know how well you are following medication instructions and encourages you to comply.

9. Can CareConnect tell me when I am out of medicine?

CareConnect has a patent pending Medication Adherence program, that when followed by your pharmacist or physician, can provide them with an understanding of when a refill is needed.

10. How does CareConnect help my physician directly care for me from his / her office?

More physicians are now using confidential video conferencing as a way to talk to their patients, often eliminating the need for unnecessary  office visits or other care facilities.

11. Does the device adhere to medical data security & HIPPA compliance?

Any medical specific patient information sent over the CareConnect unit is dealt with as HIPPA compliant.

12. Is CareConnect FDA approved?

CareConnect is a FDA Class 1 Listed device.

13. How much does CareConnect cost? Is there an ongoing service charge?

The CareConnect base unit retails for $399 and requires a $15 per month connection/service fee. The optional security monitor is an additional one-time charge of $95. If wireless Internet service is not already available in the home, a Wi-Fi hotspot typically sells for around $30.

14. How long is the warranty? How do I get support?

Ceretec, Inc., the parent company of CareConnect, warrants its product for one (1) year from the date of purchase along with providing support which is included as part of the monthly service fee.

15. What is included in my monthly service charge?

The CareConnect service fee includes all email hosting (supports up to four users per device), patient privacy network access, notification services, automatic software upgrades and the ability to add or remove additional remote wellness and health monitoring services (such as blood pressure, glucose, oxygen etc).

16. How easy is CareConnect to set up or program?

CareConnect comes ready to use without programming. No computer experience is required!

The simple “Quick Start Guide” offers suggestions as to how to insert names of those to be added to your contact list including certain alert or “call me” numbers. All of the features and functions in the CareConnect are managed by touching large icons on the screen or the large hard buttons on the CareConnect frame.

17. How do we set up for wireless capability to the Internet?

Set up is very straightforward and is virtually plug and play. The CareConnect will automatically detect your wireless router for in-home wireless Internet connections. It can also be configured using a Wi-Fi hot spot (purchased separately).

18. What if I don’t have Wi-Fi in my home?

A Wi-Fi hotspot can be purchased separately and is easily configured in two steps following the User-friendly “Quick Start Guide”.

19. Is the CareConnect battery powered?

For complete peace of mind, keep the CareConnect plugged into the wall power socket. It has a minimal battery life in the event of a power failure.

20. Are there any cables to connect?

There are no cables to connect just plug the device into power and easily pair with the home available Wi-Fi network or hot spot.

21. How soon can I get a unit for myself?

CareConnect is currently back ordered and will be available soon.